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Different Types Of Psychic Readings

When thinking about psychic readings most people would picture a fair ground gypsy wearing a head scarf and gazing into a crystal ball. Others may conjure up images of a deck of tarot cards spread in an arch across a table. Psychic readings and predicting the future is something that has fascinated us for generations. In this article I will look into the different types of psychic readings available.
Astrology is the practice of looking into the position of the planets at the time of your birth. It can help to reveal where your potential lies and can also show the strengths you were born with. An astrologer will identify current trends in your life and tell you how to use them to your advantage.

Aura Readings
All living things have an energy field around them, known as the aura. Aura readings will tell you about your energies and will allow you to get in touch with any spirits that can help you on your path. An aura reading can also help you to release blocks that may be holding you back emotionally or spiritually.

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Using decks of cards to reveal past, present and future has been around since the 18th century. It has recently become more popular.Psychics use cards such as oracle, divination and angel decks to revel what the future holds.

During channeling the psychic will receive information from spirits; these may be angels, spirit guides or deceased friends and relatives. The psychic will be able to communicate with the spirits by accessing audio frequencies.

Psychics who are clairvoyance can see images that are relevant to your life. They will look at your energy field and can see past events, the present or even predict your future.

This type of reading is thousands of years old and involves the act of casting to see what is likely to happen in the future. Casting of the moon blocks is still practiced in some religions in Asia. In the western world objects such as dice or stones will be used. Once the dice have been rolled the cleromancer will then analyse them. They will take into account how they have landed.

Crystal Ball Readings
The age old art of Crystal ball reading is what most people associate with psychics. A crystal ball will be used which the reader has been trained to see images through.

Empathic Readings  
Empaths are psychics who can help people that are sad or in emotional distress. They are able to feel other peoples emotions to get a picture of what is going on for them. In this way they are able to know what the other person needs to help make them feel better.
Mediums can communicate with the deceased. A reading with a medium can help you to come to terms with your grief. You may be able to get answers to questions and connect with your loved one.n

A numerologist usually uses your date or time of birth to reveal what you need to know about yourself and the world around you. They may also have an alphabet with corresponding numbers which they use to generate a number from your name.

A palm reader will study the lines on your palm to tell you about your personality traits and how these are affecting your life.

A psychometrists will use an object that belongs to you and in the same way as crystal ball gazing will use it to predict the future.

Tarot Readings
Tarot readings involve a deck of cards which are used to answer questions you may have about your life. Different spreads are used depending on what you want to know.